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Watching an ArtSpot performance engages the students on many different levels – visual, auditory, intellectual, mental and emotional, and sometimes vocal too – as students sing along excitedly to the songs being performed, throughout the duration of the performance, students are immersed in the plot and engrossed in the acting, the stage set, music and songs. 

The show captivates their attention, ignites their imagination and thus elicits a high level of both mental-intellectual and emotional involvement. Students therefore experience the content and absorb and assimilate the educational material in the play on a much deeper level – not only through “dry” theory alone, but as a rich multi-sensory experience through the music, the set and the staging, the narrative and plot of the story. 

Watching theatre teaches us about people, places and ideas to which we would not otherwise be exposed. Is a great way to learn. The students remain motivated before and after the experience, giving educators a unique opportunity to teach creative and efficiently. What a great, highly effective and fun way to learn! Enrich your school life and student experience!