Queen Penelope and King Ulysses live in Greece on the Island of Ithaca. Ulysses is getting ready with his soldiers to fight in the War of Troy. He asks Penelope to wait for him until his return and hands her a golden bow. Ulysses asks his friend Antinous, to care for his beloved.
Ulysses goes to war and defeats the enemies. He writes a letter to Antinous commanding him to inform Penelope that he is on his way back home.
Back in Ithaca we see Antinous receiving Ulysses’ letter and tearing it into pieces. He calls Cleia, Penelope’s faithful servant, and asks her to go and notify Penelope of Ulysses’ death.
Inside the palace Penelope is weaving a blanket while she waits for her husband. Cleia tells her that Ulysses has died in battle and that she has to marry Antinous. Penelope claims that she will only marry again once she has finished weaving her blanket. From now on, we see Penelope weaving during the day but unraveling what she has done during the night.
Meanwhile, on his journey back home, Ulysses faces many different obstacles. He passes by an Island where a group of sirens try to enchant him with their singing voices. He also tricks Polyphemus, a giant cyclops who tries to trap him inside his cave. But finally, on the ship, he writes another letter, places it inside a bottle, and throws it to the sea.
Back in Ithaca, Antinous reads the second letter and tears it into pieces. He calls Cleia and orders her to spy on Penelope as he doesn’t understand why the blanket isn’t finished yet.
Cleia looks through the queen’s window and sees Penelope unraveling the blanket. She goes and tells Antinous about it. Angrily, he enters the palace and forces Penelope to marry him.
On the next day Penelope is dressed in a wedding gown. She announces she will only marry the man who is able to string the bow and shoot an arrow across the place. Antinous tries to string the golden bow but it is impossible for him. A beggar who was watching from the distance asks for a chance to shoot an arrow. Penelope gives him the opportunity. The beggar holds the golden piece and immediately strings the bow and shoots the arrow… Will Ulysses be able to stop the wedding or Penelope will be forced to marry the wrong man?